Free Cloud Hosted Redis Service

Free Cloud Hosted Redis Service

Redis Labs is a free Cloud Hosting service that provides a Redis storage hosted in different cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Service (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure.

In this Blog, we are going to learn How to create a new account in Redis Labs, an new Subscription and an new database by using free cloud hosted service.

create a new account

To get started free, go to the Redis Labs home page, provide your Email ID and click the “GET STARTED FREE” button to create a new account in Redis Labs.

Get started

After clicked the “Get Started Free” button, you will receive an account activation email to your mail.

Account Activation email

Click the “Activate Now” button to activate an account in Redis Labs. After clicked the “Activate Now” button, request will redirect you the “Finish setting up your account” page. Provide all the details such as First Name, Last Name, Business, Country and Password click “Continue” button on this page.

Finish setting up your account

After clicked the “Continue” button, Create a new Subscription on the Redis Labs.

Create Subscription

Click the “Create your subscription” button, choose a Free 30MB plan on the Select your Plan screen.

Free 30 MB Plan

After selected the Free 30 MB plan, create a new subscription by selecting the Cloud, providing a Subscription name and choosing the Free plan 30 MB on the create subscription page.

New Subscription page

Click the “Continue” button on the New Subscription page, and create a new database by providing a Database name, and selecting the Protocol Redis on the Create database screen. Click the “Activate” button to create a new database. Since we are selected a Free plan, so data replication has been disabled and there is no Data Persistence.

Create Database

After clicked the “Activate” button, Database will be created and on the configuration page, you can find out the “Endpoint URL” to connect the database from anywhere in the world by using Redis client.

View Database – Configuration

Copy the Endpoint URL and Redis Password to connect the Redis Database by using Redis client. Use the below command syntax to connect the remote Redis database by using Redis client.

redis-cli -h <hostname> -p <portnumber>

In my case, I have connected the Redis database by using below command.

redis-cli -h -p 18772
Connect Redis

After connected the remote Redis, provide the password to connect the database. Use the below command to provide the password (Copy it from the Redis Database Configuration page).

auth <password>
set authentication

Execute below Redis commands to create and get the key pair data by using Redis client.

set employee John

get employee
Redis commands

We have successfully created Free Cloud Hosted Redis and connected the Remote Redis by using the Redis client.