How to install Zulu Open JDK 12 on Windows 10?

How to install Zulu Open JDK 12 on Windows 10?

Azul Systems, Inc., is a private company that develops a run time platforms for executing the Java based applications.

Zulu Enterprise™ is a commercialized build of OpenJDK™ and is certified compatible and compliant with the Java SE specification. The 100% open source Zulu JDK is simple to install and requires no coding changes to your Java application. Installing Zulu Java Development Kit 12 in Debian Linux 9 is really a simple. Here are the step by step procedure to install the Zulu Open JDK in Debian Linux 9 Operating System. – by

oracle license update

Oracle Corporation updates the JDK license that permits only certain uses, such as personal use and development use at no cost. For commercial use no longer support without cost.

where we can download the ZULU Open jdk?

We can download the Zulu Open Java Development Kit from the official AZUL site. The official site URL has been given below.

Select Java version is 12 and Operating System is Windows 64 bit on the Zulu Community downloads section. Then click the .zip file link to download the Zulu Open JDK.

ZULU Community Downloads

After download the zip file and extract it. After extract the zip file, copy the file location and set the environment variable path for Zulu Open JDK.

Zulu Open JDK Zip file
Zulu Open JDK after extract the ZIP file

set environment variable

Follow the below steps to set the environment variable for Zulu Open JDK. The steps are given below

#1. Go to the My Computer –> Properties

My Computer –> Properties

#2. Open the Environment Variable window by clicking the Advanced System Settings –> System Properties –> Environment Variables…

Environment Variables

#3. Select the System variable “Path” and click the “Edit” button.

System variables

#4. Click the “New” button on the edit environment variable window and the add the Zulu Open JDK extracted file location up to the bin folder and then click “OK” button. In my system, I have downloaded and extracted the JDK file on the following location up to bin folder.

Zulu Open JDK Path

set java home path

To set the Java home path environment variable, follow the below steps.

#1. Click “New” button on the System variable window and provide the variable name is “JAVA_HOME” and variable value is Zulu Open JDK file extracted path. In my system, I have download and extracted the zip file on the following location.


#2. Click “OK” button on all opened windows and open the new command prompt to execute the following command to check the java version. The Java version should be open JDK 12.0.2 and run time environment is Zulu 12.

java -version
Java version

Zulu Open JDK installation has been done on Windows 10.